Eight Essential SEO Tools for Webmasters

Start with Keyword Research!

When it comes to planning for a new website, it starts from keyword research. You cannot do away with keyword research. Keywords are the words that the visitors will type to find your web pages. The visitors to any website are the heart of it and to get quality visitors nothing works well than that sent by generic search engines. Here lies the importance of keyword research. You must try to find out a keyword that has good search volume and at the same time that has least competition. To find out such a good keyword, is really an extremely difficult work. But this is the tool that will definitely help you a lot in finding out effective keywords.

Keyword Research Tools at seo2020.com

Once you have selected the keyword and developed the site, you can go on for publishing it. After publishing the website, there are few more steps that you should do to enhance the visibility of your site in the search engines.

Check For Keyword Density

You should check for keyword density and try to keep it within 1% to 3% only. A tool for checking keyword density is:

You can get Keyword Density Analyzer at keyworddensity.com

Add a Sitemap

Now you should consider incorporating a sitemap. Sitemap helps your visitors to get an idea about the structure of the website as well as it tells the search engine bots what are the pages to be crawled. Apart from that sitemap tells the search engines how frequently the content of the page may change and details like last modified date etc. Adding a sitemap to your site is thus essential. It is better to have two versions of your sitemap, the HTML version for the visitors, and the XML sitemap for the search engine crawler. For creating sitemap, you can use tools like

Free Sitemap Generator Tools at xml-sitemaps.com

This tool helps you to create both HTML and XML sitemaps, which you should upload to the root of your web server.

Validate Your Web pages

After uploading the sitemaps, you should check your website against valid HTML and CSS. Validation is very much essential for a good quality website. This is the tool you can use for validating your web site.

HTML Validation Tools at validator.w3.org

CSS Validation Tools at jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

Now, if the site validates well, you should put your website for reviews in different forums. If there is anything wrong, either in design or layout or in content, which you have not notices, there is every possibility that someone else will notice it. Thus, you get a scope to improve the quality of your website.

Now you may proceed further for search engine submission and directory submissions in order to promote your site.

Check for dead or broken links

Once your site is up and running, apart from adding new content periodically, it is a nice idea to check for dead or broken links. The tool that is really helpful for checking broken or dead link:

Check broken or dead links! at dead-links.com

If you find a dead or broken link, simply remove that as those links will reduce the credibility of your website as a whole with respect to the visitors and also to the search engines.

Monitor Server Uptime

You should employ agents to monitor server uptime, as this is a typical problem with shared hosting that may divert visitors away from your site!

Monitor Server Uptime! at host-tracker.com

Check for Backlinks

Once you have started to promote your website, use this tool to check for backlinks.

Check backlinks at iwebtool.com/backlink_checker

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